Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In progess despite delays

The long awaited Salacious Banter issue of Burdock is being put together and will hopefully be out in March. The norm in the past has been two issues a year and hopefully once this one is done another burdock will be out in the summer. Money is always an issue of course.

Burdock had a booth at the 2009 Zinefest held in Milwaukee at the Polish Falcon. It was interesting to see what the definition of zine is to most folks. If anything it only served to reaffirm Burdock's status as a "Humble Magazine" rather than a "Zine" since there are many contributors of a original content in each issue. A confusing point to myself was that all of the other poets there had no idea what a "chapbook" was. So now if anyone else out there is an authority on the subject please leave a comment defining it for me.
If you publish a small collection of your own poems is it still a chapbook or is it a zine?
Is it a zine if there are no words at all? Is it a zine simply because it is cheaply made?
And therefore is Burdock a zine since I often print it on a shoestring budget?
Are the chapbooks teppichfresser press publishes considered zines?
Why can't people say complete words and feel the need to shorten them up?
Does "maga-" take up too much time?
Or is "Zine" just that much cooler?
Your thoughts please....

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Jonny said...

I'd always thought a Zine was just a cheaply made independent magazine and a chapbook is a small book.

Does it really matter? I ran into a bunch of Riverwesterners making their zines back in the copy center and wouldn't lose any sleep on their opinions.