Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Return of the Dead Wrestlers

Karl Saffran's Dead Wrestler Sonnets were mentioned in the Chapbook Corner Round Up 2008 on the Rain Taxi website.

"Teppichfresser Press brought out Karl Saffran’s hilarious though elegiac Dead Wrestler Sonnets."

I believe this constitutes a review. I could be wrong. In any event if ever the DVD of the show is made available the phrase "hilarious though elegiac" Will be on the back cover, or maybe the front. I will even put the hyphen Noah Eli Gordon, Rain Taxi.

Or maybe Karl can use this phrase in the author's note for his first volume of Selected Poems, provided of course he isn't responsible for the selecting process. He is concerned about his legacy.

The part of the performance can be viewed by following this link:

For what it's worth I still think the best commentary on Karl's poetry came via the MilwaukeeWrestling. com message board. Keep in mind that up to that point this thread was started to help promote the show (lotta good that did!) but after the show it got a bunch of posts and was the longest on the message board for a month or two and the longest one up to that time, of course I did my part to keep the fire going but it all started with a post courtesy of Silas Young, a local wrestler who was not on the card that night.

SO I saw the book of poems for dead wrestlers and how disrespectfull. I just wish I was there so I could spit in the face of the douche who wrote them. Thats whats wrong with this business you got goofs who dont know teh first thing bout wrestling running shows women hanging out telling everyone there sisters with Sheri Martel and that there a womens champp that wrestles once a year which i doubt that. Or the guy who comes to BCW and tells people he has a thousand finishers. Quit being IDiots and get trained pay ur dues and then keep your mouth shut.

Thankfully, Karl has little to fear from Silas, he won't fight anyone for unless the pay is good.

Friday, January 23, 2009

If P then Q

Go to this link:

If you think these clips from my show look great (as edited by Gabe Spangler) then you should 1) ask how you can buy a copy of the DVD 2)offer to sponsor Keith for the Woodland Pattern Marathon 3) date Keith* 4) hire Gabe to edit your wedding/bahmitzfah/high school reunion/swingers convention footage into a DVD 5) watch them over and over again!!!!

You get the idea.
 *suggestion to date Keith valid in WI,ME, and select Canadian provinces. Suggestion subject to change. Chicks only. Suggestion not redeemable for cash or tobacco products. Watch videos for further suggestion. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Woodland Pattern Marathon

I've signed up for the 2009 Woodland Pattern Marathon. This is my first time participating in the marathon so I don't want to look too bad when I hand in my sponsorships list. What I'm saying is this: Sponsor me!
You can give any amount but 35 dollars gets you an all day pass to the event.
I'm in the late shift posse. I'm reading at 11pm but there are several people to see during the day. Just click on the title of the post to check it out.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How far does a burdock travel?

So everyone knows you can take some of the poems out and put them in odd or cool places. Well to make that idea more interesting I'm asking anyone who has a copy of any past Burdocks to send me a picture of the poem in action and I'll post it on the blog.
Post a poem somewhere take a photo send it to and I'll feature it on the blog here.
Past ideas have been bathroom stalls, in the pages of an anthology (to cover up lesser poems), and the bumper of the poetry bus. But NOBODY, myself included has done any of these, the bus was gone when I got back. If you're in the NY area I suggest also sticking Mike Begnal's poem on something Mets related, the picture would be worth it.
Thanks to Aisha and Charlie for the advice. I hope to see something interesting.