Monday, May 12, 2008

Upcoming Event

On June 6th the Spackle Gallery will be hosting a reading featuring Jim Chapson, John Vanderhoef, Kristin Markowski, and Jon Lohr.

It will also be the official release of Jon Lohr's chapbook Watertown's Plank Road and a few broadsides.
If you live in Milwaukee this is right off the 15 bus line.

Spackle is located at

2674 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

Milwaukee WI 53207

or check out

Thursday, May 8, 2008


This is the inaugural blog (inblogural) for Teppichfresser Press.

Some background information:
Teppichfresser gets its name from the poem of the same name published in a chapbook by James Liddy and Keith Gaustad in 2004. The title of the chapbook is “Songs on the Plane Carrying Hess From Germany” which is also the title of the long poem by James Liddy. The section by Keith Gaustad (me) was called Teppichfresser and the press was jokingly given the same name.
Then in 2006 I started up a magazine called Burdock. Rather than name the press Burdock Press I thought to keep the name Teppichfresser.
There are as of today 4 issues of Burdock out in the wide world.

This Blog will hopefully serve as a way of getting the word out on things related to the magazine and to other chapbooks in the works.
Until next time, keep chewing things over.