Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Burdock 6 info

Here's a list of contributors for issue 6:

SUSAN FIRER, the current Poet Laureate of Milwaukee, teaches poetry at UWM She also has a number of books out the most recent of which is titled "Milwaukee Does Strange Things to People". "The Lives of Saints and Everything" won Cleveland State Poetry Prize and the Posner Award. Her collection "The Laugh We Make When We Fall" won the Backwaters prize. She has poems in Burdock The Two and Burdock Hazard (3).

IZZY ONEIRIC has lived and traveled all over the country. She holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Her areas of academic interest include Media Literacy, Beat and Modernist Poetry, Queer History, Body Modification, and Performance Studies. In her copious free time she enjoys pinball, scouring yard sales and thrift stores, and geeking out over obscure movies and bands.

PEGGY MUNSON lives in Northampton, MA is originally from Normal, IL and graduated from Oberlin College in 1991. Her novel "Origami Striptease" won the Queerlit Prize and was a finalist for the Lambda. Her collection of poems "Pathogenesis" was a semi-finalist for the University of Wisconsin Pollack Prize.

CATHERINE AVERILL has recently graduated from University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and been accepted into the graduate program at the University of Miami in Ohio.

JOANN CHANG has lived in Milwaukee for several years but is originally from Texas. A local poetry advocate, she is consistently a top fundraiser for Woodland Pattern's Poetry Marathon. She also cooks dinner for starving poets every Monday prior to Poet's Monday at Linnemann's.

JULIE STRAND is the education coordinator at Woodland Pattern. In 2009 she will be attending a summer session at Naropa. On June 19th she'll be holding a release reading of her own at Woodland Pattern for her chapbook "The Mae West Defense" published via Dancing Girl Press.

STEVIE CURL hails from a fair land just north of Pittsburgh called Zelienople: known by few; loved by all; rarely pronounced correctly. Her poetry is of the yinzer persuasion. She will be reading at the Printer’s Row Lit Festival and has work published in Columbia Poetry Review and Calliope.

EMILY RUTTER recently received her MA in English from North Carolina State University, and her thesis examined contemporary blues poetry. She will begin her doctoral work in English at Duquesne University in August 2009. Her work has been published in The Final Draft and The Fifteen Project.

JESSI HARRISON's poems have previously appeared in B-Squad. She is currently wrapping up her bachelor's degree at UWM.

BECCA KLAVER was born and raised in Milwaukee, attended the University of Southern California (BA) and Columbia College Chicago (MFA), and currently lives in Chicago, where she works and teaches at Columbia. With Brandi Homan and Hanna Andrews, she co-edits the feminist poetry press Switchback Books. Recent work can be found online in No Tell Motel, H_NGM_N, and Coconut. Her chapbook, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape, is available from the greying ghost press.

JENNIFER KRAFT Often known as Vanilla Bear in her social circle, Jen Kraft is a senior creative writing student at UWM. She writes poems and appreciates others reading them. Favorite mode of transportation: feet. Then carousels.

MEGHAN M. LEE Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Meghan recently received her MFA in Poetry at Columbia College and was a co-editor of Columbia Poetry Review. She will be moving to New York this summer to pursue poetry and other things far beyond.

Y MADRONE hails from Olympia, WA via Detroit via Ahzerbaijain. She received a liberal arts B.A. from Evergreen State College where she focused on poetics and letterpress printing. Her interests include poetry that blows your head off, typesetting, book arts, dancing, rabble rousing with her two kiddos, biking, living without causing harm, local economies and alter-egos.

MEG REILLY is a recent graduate of the MFA Poetry program at Columbia College Chicago. She is happy to be in Chicago where she writes, teaches yoga and English. She was also recently certified as a doula and will soon experience her first birth.

ABIGAIL STOKES is a junior in Columbia's Poetry program. She grew up in a forest near Portland, Oregon, and she now lives on the outskirts of Chicago with her husband and her cat. Some of her work has been published in Columbia Poetry Review, and is forthcoming in {1111}. Sometimes she blogs about comix, and she can make 40 perfect loaves of bread from scratch, but she can't make just 1.

DOLLY LEMKE was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI where she received her BA in English with a concentration in Poetry. Thanks in part to her efforts this issue now rivals the Columbia Poetry Review for publishing the poems from Columbia's Graduate department. She is currently attending an unknown school somewhere in Chicago. She is also the Publicity Coordinator of Switchback Books, a small feminist press, located in Chicago and works on the editorial staff of Columbia Poetry Review. She has also been in Burdock IV and Burdock 5.

ZENOBIA FROST is from Australia and is embarking on a 2009 summer tour of the Midwestern US. You can find her poetry and prose in print in Small Packages, SpeedPoets zine, The Definite Article, Voiceworks and LOTL magazine, and on CD in Going Down Swinging.

JANELLE CRAWFORD is an illustrator from Kansas. She graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design this year. She enjoys drawing, reading, and working with kids and animals. She secretly still wants to be a veterinarian...or a horse trainer.

MARY DeMARS (1958-1978) lived her whole life in Slinger, WI and drove a Firebird. Her main hobby was photography, the two photos included in this issue were probably taken in 1975 with a Pentax camera that she bought. The unknown girl in the last photo was probably a classmate or friend.

Editor in Chef, no Cheif?, editor in Chief: Keith Gaustad
Assistant Editor: Jon Lohr
Dolly Lemke: Dolly Lemke

Ladies night specials:
2 for 1 / 8 to 12

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