Thursday, March 24, 2011

Contributor Bios for Burdock 8

Jeannette Klemola
Lives in Texas where she writes and draws illustrations for chapbooks. Occasionally she visits Milwaukee and performs some of her work, usually around Mother's Day.

Edwin R. Perry
Runs Plumberries Press which publishes Drupe Fruits and Humble Humdrum Cotton Frock. These days he calls Michigan his home but you may see him at poetry readings around the Midwest.

Jessica Lakritz
Is currently located in Argentina and has an MFA from Eastern Washington. She's shopping her manuscript around for the perfect publisher.

The Skrauss
Is a church mouse that's grown too big for his britches. When he's not writing manifestos he's adding depth to the alternate universe known as Milwaukee II

Joshua Plath
Was born in Hong Kong and is horrified by American culture. Despite that he still manages to call Milwaukee his home where he cooks using many different types of grains.

Rocco Eroamos
Lives in Brownsville Texas but as a young man he's lived at one time or another all over the Lone Star State. If you don't count Myspace then this is his first published poem.

Erich Ebert
Speaks good German and has translated the work of German-American poet Kurt Baum and has written several of his own chapbooks including Why we blow ourselves up: Poems on Something, Poems on Nothing.

Jonathan Lohr
Is wrapping up his time at Miami University but still finds the time to write poetry about a mistake made in a baseball game from a hundred years ago....let it go!

David Stone
His latest chapbook The Bloodhound Works is out on Propaganda Press. He’s a Chicago native who resides in Baltimore where he edits the Blackbird Anthology.

Paul Vogel
has a chapbook out on Teppichfresser Press called The Empty Quarter, nobody has ever heard of him, the press or the chapbook. He is currently teaching English to Chinese Drummers.

Joshua D Lickteig
will try to subliminally warp your mind if you crash on his couch by playing mathematicians and/or philosophers at low volume while you toss and turn. Tell him to stop all that noise and go to bed or you'll kick his ass.

Matt Trease
sent his submission via text. idk Lols! OMG

Eric Disambwa
Originally from Arkansas he currently resides in the Harambee neighborhood in Milwaukee. Find his name and click on it in the Letters To The City box.

James Gapinski
Writes poetry, travel articles, and songs. He also freaks out the full body screeners at airports but leave that to you imagination.

Tyler Farrell
Has a book out called "Tethered to the Earth" He is reported to be a good singer. He teaches at Marquette very near the Joan of Arc chapel.

Nick Demske
Has been everywhere reading from his book titled "Nick Demske". He's working on a second book titled "Keith Gaustad" if he knows what good for him.

David Baptiste Chirot
was kind enough to allow me to pick not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 different covers for this issue. Collect them all!