Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The "Salacious" Burdock 7

Is the co-curator of Salacious Banter and the guest editor of Burdock 7. He has a number of chapbooks out including Psychic Headset (Mitzvah Chaps), crets crets crets (Rustbuckle), and Dirty Movies Late At Night (Rustbuckle), and AND he appeared in the first issue of Burdock back in 2006. He likes pizza and is sometimes nervous.

Assesses your character based on the books you purchase at Woodland Pattern but never tells anyone else about it. He also co-curates the Salacious Banter Reading Series which is often held at his giant loft in Walker’s Point. He has a chapbook out on Teppichfresser Press it’s called The Dead Wrestler Sonnets. It is his hope that no one judges him based on that fact.

Likes Elvis and paints his fingernails. You should read his blog or click on his name!

Her books include Miss America, Macular Hole and My New Job all on Fence Books. She works as an Assistant Professor at Miami University in Ohio.

Is the editor of Cy Press, & he lives in Cincinnati, OH. His latest book, Typing Wild Speech, is highly recommended.

Lives in Kansas. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming at TYPO, The Denver Quarterly, Exquisite Corpse, Diagram, and other journals.

AKA The Moonflower of Milwaukee has performed poetry and music around the city of Milwaukee.

wrote Camels! in 2008 and TAXT press published it. In 2010, he self published three chapbooks: Tooth Fairy, The Orgy, and Your Mom's A Falconress and Other Poems. He co-curated the Performance Writing series at New Langton Arts, The (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand gallery, and publishes small press books under the imprint OMG!

Is headed for the mountains of Idaho this year but was formerly the Education Coordinator at Woodland Pattern. Her most recent chapbook The Mae West Defense came out via Dancing Girl Press in 2009. She also has work in Burdock 6.

translates from French to English for publishing houses and is currently working on a book about self-healing. Her poetry has appeared in a few small journals and her non-fiction writing has appeared in a couple of magazines. She is also a language teacher and is working at a monastery this summer.

Is a repeat offender as far as Burdock is concerned having appeared in issues 1,3, and 4. He wrote 8 Poems and a Prayer (Rustbuckle) and he co-authored Non-Apocryphal w/James Liddy. He’s the front man for two Milwaukee bands: The Trusty Knife and Farms In Trouble both on Activities Records.

Recent work by Alli Warren can be found in Abraham Lincoln, LUNGFULL!, pax americana, and With + Stand. Her most recent chapbook is Well-Meaning White Girl (Mitzvah Chaps). Alli co-curates The (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand and lives and works in the Bay Area.

Is Mike Hauser’s drinking buddy. He lives, writes poetry, and watches movies with Mike in Milwaukee.

Operates Fewer and Further Press fewfur.blogspot.com and has a book out called Sky Brightly Picked from Skysill Press. He lives in Massachusetts.

Has his first book out on Rustbuckle Press and its called Mum Halo. He lives on Richard Branson’s island and is available to rent for 20,000 dollars only after you spend $300,000 on a vacation to said island. What’s that? Oh my bad that’s the Necker Nymph I’m thinking of, not John Coletti. He actually lives in Brooklyn.

Her initials are M.C. which is convenient since she is a rapper and has an album out called Strawberry Cadillac. She also works at Woodland Pattern. Check out her website and maybe plan on seeing her perform at Belgium but if you can’t make it she has plenty of local dates.

Edits and publishes Burdock Magazine and occasionally rewards himself by including his own poems. He won the 2010 award for Most Delectable at the Woodland Pattern Edible Book Fair. His name appeared recently in the Poetry Project newsletter as part of Mike Hauser’s bio blurb.

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