Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salacious Burdock?

After a nice clean summer break Burdock 7 is in the works. The plan is to have a Salacious Banter theme with Mike Hauser twist. Mike will be lending a hand with the solicitation/editorial direction(ing) for the next issue and I (keith) will just be piecing it together and making it look like the other issues (ya know, the sticker thing).

Salacious Banter is a reading series run by Mike Hauser and Karl Saffran. Past readers include Lewis Warsh, CA Conrad, John Coletti, Kevin Thurston, Ara Shirinyan, Gina Meyers, and John Koethe among others. In fact you should probably just go to the link to get a complete list of past readers.


Jonny said...

Mind is blown. Send me one when it's released and I'll send you a super special broadside.

Teppichfesser Press said...

It might be a while. Mike wants to make this one bigger than usual and now that I have to, uh, do things differently I have to make a little nest egg.