Thursday, June 19, 2008

A road well traveled but not yet written about

The first Chapbook release by Teppichfresser Press is Jon Lohr's Watertown's Plank Road.
Jon has had poems in Burdock #4 and in the Blue Canary.
Jon also edits B-Squad and is an avid Brewers fan. Never hesitating to drink warm High-life or eat meat that has fallen on the ground. That may sound gross and weird but what may sound grosser and weirder is that I think that these traits somehow apply to his poems. They include the rough stuff without forgetting the movements that happen around that very roughness.
Best example is in the poem Dance The Seven Veils:
Salome danced around and around
her veil held steadily between her eyes
Leading to the conclusion -
The eyes of the head
remained open as she danced

And in the poem See My Blue Collared Hands there is a reflection on the transitions of life that sometimes reflect more than the transitions of the individual with the lines

Sirens cry through the night,
startling dreams of abandoned farms we left behind.
And a comment on the celebration of either self-mutilation or temporary pain (I don't know which) in the The Hunger Artist Retires.
You, biographer, find me at my picnic to write my story
There are some very fine illustrations by Jeremy Mericle and there's even a gesture to Araki Yassusada in the About the Author section that some bookstore employees have deemed controversial. I would have the reader be the judge.
There are about 100 copies printed if you'd like one contact

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