Monday, July 21, 2008

The SHOW OF SHOWS: Uncharted Territory

Friday July 25th at the Miramar (located on Milwaukee's fashionable East Side).
This is the first show of its kind. There have been plenty of Wrestling show that feature bands playing music. There have been shows featuring bands and poetry before as well. Even wrestling and poetry are no strangers to each other, who could forget The Genius or the linguistic magnificence of Slick?
My comment on all that: Phooey. This show will be the real thing. Real and genuinely unique to Milwaukee.
Included in the ticket price are free chapbooks of Karl Saffran's Dead Wrestler Poems. Karl wrote a complete cycle of sonnets a few years back in response to learning of just how many childhood icons had passed away since he last paid any mind to the sport of professional wrestling.
Competing in matches are Jason Dukes and Bobby Valentino, The McCoys and The Urban Horsemen, & J.P. and El Vato.
Playing live at the show are Ifihadahifi and Put Her In the Trunk.
Lakefront beer will be available to those with legal ID and good times are there for all no matter the age!
Tickets are just 12 bucks - a steal when you consider what's all included.

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