Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Burdock's 9th In G Major

Drew Blanchard was gracious enough to host the release for Burdock 9 at his home. His dogs really wanted to eat the prosciutto and braunschweiger but in the end were very well behaved. He plans to climb to the top of an unspecified cellular tower, more on this as it develops.

Jim Chapson's poems have appearred in Burdock 1,2,3,5 and now 9. His second book Scholia came out earlier this year via Arlen House.

Tyler Farrell lives in Madison but works in Milwaukee. That would be a whole lot easier for him if there was a train linking the two cities!

Noah Eli Gordon founded lettermachine.
Then found his way to Colorado. Then found himself married to Sommer Browning. So where does he stand on found poetry?

Artist Cynthia Gray
collaborated with Chuck Stebelton on five pieces of writing. Two of these poems are featured in issue #9 of Burdock. She lives in Brooklyn.

Daniel Khalatchi assuming that you've clicked on his name and read his biography you may also be interested to know that he's a nice guy too. What you should do is click here and buy his book. He's working on a new one right now and one of the poems for the new book is featured in Burdock right smack dab in the middle of the issue!

Timothy Kloss is an artist, poet and host of Poets' Monday at Linneman's Riverwest Inn, a weekly open mic in Milwaukee with featured readers from around the world. He paints a portrait for every feature and keeps things from devolving into utter silliness most of the time.

Jennifer Kraft recently picked up the banjo. She has work in Burdock 5 and 6. In 2011 she was a top fundraiser for the Woodland Pattern Poetry Marathon. She lives in Milwaukee just for the sheer joy of it.

Alice Ladrick is currently attending Miami University in sunny Ohio. She has work in Oxford Magazine. She writes notes to herself we all want to read.

Dolly Lemke insists her first major publication was in Burdock issues 4,5,6. Only later was she published in Columbia Poetry Review after they had taken thousands of dollars and years from her life! (Actually she really liked it there.) Active in the Chicago scene she's an Assistant Editor with Switchback Books a Reader for Arsenic Lobster and hosts a reading series at her place called Dollhouse.

Ed Makowski has published books as Eddie Kilowatt. Manifest Destiny and Carrying a Knife to a Gunfight were both published on Full Contact. You may see him in Milwaukee at the local tiki bar riding a motorcycle while backpacking in fitness gear....all at once.

Caryl Pagel is the editress-in-chief and designer at Rescue Press. She studied at UW Madsion, School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Iowa Writer's Workshop. That's a lot of Mid-western credibility right there folks!

Chuck Stebelton is the Literary Program Director at the world famous Woodland Pattern Book Center. His award winning book Circulation Flowers is out on Tougher Diguises but his chapbook Precious is out of print. Here is the other poem with Cynthia Gray.

Gary Sullivan is a cartoonist and poet living in New York. If you want to know more you'll need to look Elsewhere.

Matt Trease also goes by Matthew but that seemed too formal for paper publishing, especially when there's twitter! Matt teaches classes in Literature and serves as the Project Assistant for the Digital Arts & Culture certificate program at UWM in Milwaukee. He lives in Wicker Park.
Did you just click on that? Sorry I ruined the movie but I saved you two hours of your life.

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