Thursday, February 26, 2009

Upcoming stuff and youtube stuff

Next week Monday at Linneman's Keith Gaustad and Tha Fundamentals will take the stage in one of those mixes of poetry and music that people seem to criticize harshly. We will do our best not be harsh on the ears. We'll follow the open mic on Poet's Monday, the cost at the door is 3 bucks.

Also remember to check out the videos from last July that Gabe Spangler has edited together for youtube. There are five total now including the Dead Wrestler Sonnets by Karl Saffran (who is getting more heat than any of the wrestlers over at the local messageboard!) and songs by Ifihadahifi, Leopold and Loeb, and Put Her in the Trunk.
Gabe also made an excellent music video for Farms In Trouble using an HD camera so if you search it out try to see it in HD.

Submissions are still being taken for the Spring Burdock the women's issue.

Outside it is raining on the snow.
I've had my coffee
staining my teeth again.


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