Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taking Submissions

The next issue of Burdock is going to be done this fall. In order to avoid the pitfalls of self publishing people are encouraged to submit short fiction (very short, like, half a page to 2 pages short) or short poems (also very short - under 10 lines).

If you have any accompanying illustrations keep in mind that it will be printed in black and white and will most likely appear very small.

I'll stop taking submissions when I'm all done filling pages.

Send what you have via email at or you can do it the old fasioned way and mail it to 2979 N. Bremen apt. B Milwaukee, WI 53212.

No freaks.


Mike Begnal said...

"No freaks."

That's half your potential submitters right there....

Teppichfesser Press said...

That also describes the editor. I'm just trying to diversify.